Sunday, November 8, 2009

First step to Augmented Reality

I was happen to watch following video when i was searching on Augmented reality. It is actually on going project started couple of months ago. They use 3D objects and we can play with 3D objects real time.

After all I could configure the augmented reality samples available in really interesting.
Augmented reality is simply a interactive virtual world. As you all know virtual reality is a "simulated virtual world" and augmented reality go beyond that.
Follow up following video. I tested most of given samples. It would be a great starting experience on Augmented reality. You can download and create your own 3D images on you hand or on your desk,Pretty interesting , See the images as I attached following..

Statue of liberty, Iffel tower, coliseum of rome are very amazing models. It includes Big Budda statue which is religious land mark in china as well.

Just you need only a webcam + internet. Its free, Test it and feel it.

Following shows the visual objects I tried.

1. Iffel Tower


2. Statue of Liberty


3. coliseum of rome


TC ..Bye.