Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can Sarath make a Difference?

Every body talking whether Mahinda or the General.It s better to take a look what If Sarath became the 6th executive president of sri lanka.

For this moment unable to understand what is he telling is indeed or like craps of Ranil's. The major Blame became with the interview he give n to the Sunday leader news paper by heading "Gota Ordered Them To Be Shot", This could or could not be telling by intention.But what ultimately this became major discussion of all political parties. What should point out is How can we accept his expression. Some how as a candidate of the Precedent ship and the main competitor of the Mahinda, hard to make a judgment on him. As the General and the key factor of the success of the E lam war. He had to be responsible more than this.

further we need to look at what is his future plans and how is he going to achieve them. My concern was even he is telling that the Unlimited Executive power of the president will be removed. Its not such easy as he telling. He has to get the 2/3 of the Parliament to get the approval. Does he have a plan or mechanism to get it done or will he became the 6th president who will be heading this unlimited power of president ship.
Most of UNP members may see sarath as a goad who became to save the party. They assume he will stop the corruption(Its the main point as i cant see to giving him votes)But what actually people can expect from him is more less. He could have been a good commander. Like wise can he become a good politician. Its a total two different concepts he seems not Identified the differences yet.These days sarath seems may have confused, what ever he is telling all are not his own words,half of them are are from UNP some of them are from JVP and some of them even he doesn't know. As the public we have to wait and see what will he be doing.But He is like a kid in politics to mahinda. So I feel Sarath will recently eat some Mahindas baits.