Monday, November 23, 2009

Reverstan Pitawala Illukkumbura

Reverstan is a favorite place to visit among sri lankas. People used to walk about 1 km from the bus stop to see the transmission tower and probably coming back with a fed-up mind nothing can be seen due to heavy mist. But If you can walk down the hill along the bus road probably the fabulous outside phenomena can be seen.

If you can spent couple of days at somewhere Pitawala, Illukkumbura There is a amaze nature you can observe. Following are some of the photos I took meantime.

There are only few places available for accommodation. A villager call Wasantha have some small cottage for affordable price. He is well known about nice places of the village and accompany people for walks. If some one want he is contactable via 0770423717.


  1. really outstanding the way, thank u very much for the information about the accommodation around Pitawala, Illukkumbura....the mobile number u have given, helped us to find a place to stay for our planned trip. So, thank you very much, again..
    Lahiru Silva (University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Engineering)

  2. have a safe journey, make sure to bring all the stuff including necessary foods from "matale".