Saturday, November 6, 2010

Configuration Similarities between Cisco and Huawei/H3c Products

I was happen to use a Huawei product and saw lots of similarities between Cisco and Huawei configuration. Most of commands seems synonyms of cisco commands :). Following are some of commands comparison.

Cisco Huawei / H3C
enable system-view
show display
show running-config display current-configuration
hostname < Name > sysname < Name >
Ip route ip route-static
interface vlan 1 interface Vlan-interface1
show processes cpu history display cpu-usage history
show interface display interface
line vty 0 4 user-interface vty 0 4
write save
enable password password simple

If you are familiar Cisco IOS it wouldn't be harder to understand the Huawei OS.


  1. It's like an English paerson saying the Spanish can talk french.

  2. dont you need to add "do" before the "show processes cpu history" and "show interface"?